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In 2022, the overall IT spend in MENA was USD 171.9 billion and it is forecasted to reach USD 175.5 billion in 2023, as per Gartner, which is an approx. 2% increase over 2022.

2022 and onwards has been a period that started with a lot of positive sentiments in the channel industry, but it also came with a lot of changes in the way the channel operated, the solutions they bought & sold, as well as the support they needed from their broader ecosystem of customers, vendors and distributors!

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As per our co-founder, Nehul Goradia, at a Partner Summit in Dubai, the upcoming trends in the technology industry are around Everything as a Service, MarTech, Fintech, CrowdSourcing and much more. Further, continued consolidation within the technology players through M&As, including services players buying OEMs (eg: ATOS buying Unify or HCL buying select IBM software products) is also an expected major trend within the industry this year and onwards.
All of these would also be areas that would impact the MENA and the broader partner ecosystem.
These changes are just the beginning of what many claim to be the advent of a new ecosystem of partners such as Ecommerce Marketplaces, Consulting firms and Influencers. Hence, it is extremely imperative, to share your views with your broader ecosystem, so that they understand your concerns and are better equipped to support you!
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